There are several ways to pay for Kickidler licenses:   

By selecting to pay by card, you will proceed to the payment system. After passing all the payment steps, you will return to your Kickidler profile. In the case of successful payment, the licenses will be added, and you can activate them on the “License” page.
In order to pay by invoice, you need to fill in your billing information. The system then generates the invoice for payment for the order. The invoice can be downloaded directly upon order confirmation or later in the “Payments” page in Personal cabinet. 
After paying the invoice, the funds will be credited to your balance in Personal cabinet, and you can pay for your order on the “Orders” page. If you choose “Pay automatically” upon ordering, the system will pay for the order when you receive funds on your account.
The full package of documents for the purchased licenses will be generated within a few hours after the payment. You can download them from the “Orders” page.