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Kickidler. New perception of personnel work

Why is Kickidler employee monitoring software essential?

Kickidler is the new-generation employee monitoring software for analysing employee performance at PCs. This user activity monitoring tool is easy-to-use, secure, and versatile. Kickidler software is already being successfully used in 60 countries to supervise employees and increase their productivity.

Icon visual employee monitoring

Visual employee monitoring

Kickidler helps supervisors to visually assess what office and remote employees are doing at their work computers without disrupting their working process.

Visual employee monitoring
Icon tracking employees’ working hours

Tracking employees’ working hours

Kickidler allows supervisors to automate the process of tracking employees’ working hours, including those working remotely, by generating reports and timesheets.

Tracking employees’ working hours
Icon monitoring staff productivity

Monitoring staff productivity

Kickidler performs a detailed analysis of employees’ activity, precisely and comprehensively assessing the efficiency of their actions.

Monitoring staff productivity
Icon information leakage prevention

Information leakage prevention

Kickidler records the entire history of computer activity and has the tools to quickly find required information, thus preventing employees from committing illegal actions.

Information leakage prevention
Icon violation monitoring

Violation monitoring

Kickidler detects work schedule violations and any other suspicious activities, notifying both supervisors and employees.

Violation monitoring

Online computer monitoring

real-time staff monitoring software

Real-time remote monitoring software provides the way to see what the employees are doing at the current moment, what websites they are visiting, what apps they are using. In accordance with the settings made, Kickidler computer surveillance software automatically generates alerts if certain employee violations occur. When an employee is being idle, this software for monitoring employees has a special timer on the screen that displays the amount of time an employee has been absent from their workplace.

Our exclusive offer: Kickidler workplace monitoring software is equipped with intuitive interface, named Quadrator for its multiple square cell appearance, which allows you to carry out multiple sessions of remote computer monitoring of an unlimited number of employees. You can group these sessions into lists, in accordance with specified parameters, and easily switch between these session lists. You can also set up different access level to Kickidler employee desktop monitoring tools for various users.

  • Online broadcast of employee desktop activity
  • Employee time-tracking
  • Employee negligence and violations detection

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Employee time tracking

Unauthorized absence and lateness monitoring

Kickidler Employee monitoring software offers a time-tracking tool which allows to monitor work hours of employees, or whole departments. Working overtime, lateness, early leaves, absenteeism, coffee breaks or smoke breaks, going out for a walk in the middle of the working day and other distractions from work duties are automatically recorded in employee time tracking reports and timesheets. These employee timesheet monitoring data are visualized in the form of graphs and diagrams. Kickidler remote pc monitoring software has a productivity calendar, which allows you to configure work schedules for employees that’ll take into account their vacations, weekends and business trips.

Our exclusive offer: Kickidler’s simple and user-friendly interface will make it easy even for a novice user to handle this employee control software. Employee productivity monitoring reports are delivered right to your e-mail address to save your time.

  • Employee timesheet monitoring
  • Employee timesheet reporting
  • Employee work hours timekeeping

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Employee productivity analysis

Websites and applications user tracking

Kickidler employee productivity monitoring software clearly shows the amount of time your employee dedicates to work duties vs. the amount of time wasted on personal matters or just idling. Social networks, messengers, online games, smoking breaks and other time killers will have no hide from Kickidler’s watchful eye. Kickidler employment tracking software is helpful for supervisors with its work time track, reports on productivity, on applications, on violations as well as its “Details of the Day” report and Employee’s Rating that provide you with a comprehensive picture of any employee’s productivity at the workplace.

Our exclusive offer: Kickidler employee tracking software enables user to make individual settings for every employee depending on their work duties. Integration with keylogger and screen tracking software gives a full overview and analysis of personnel activity; while employee productivity analysis reporting right to your e-mail box saves you a lot of time (you set the list of e-mail recipients and frequency of reporting up to your preference).

  • Employee productivity monitoring.
  • Employee productivity analysis reporting.
  • Employee productivity metrics.
  • Unique method for measuring productivity.

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Employee computer screen recording

Desktop activity recording and logging

Computer screen activity recording allows to see any and all employee computer activity at any given period of time. Applications opened and websites visited can be sorted by different parameters, which, together with integrated keystroke tracker, makes it fast and easy to search for a specific piece of employee desktop activity video. Our unique video compression algorithm and user-configurable video frame rate saves Server disc or cloud space. A video of an employee’s activity at the computer that has been recorded by employee monitoring softwares is a great evidence to have when you’re investigating an incident that has occurred or trying to identify mistakes that have been made.

Our exclusive offer: all the tools mentioned above are unique and exclusively presented in Kickidler monitoring software only.

This feature can be turned off in settings.

  • Applications and websites filter
  • Settable storage time for staff desktop monitoring video files
  • Unique video compression algorithm

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Employee violations monitoring

Detecting and monitoring of employee violations

Kickidler employee surveillance software quickly spots on employee negligence and violations. Violation filter triggers when certain listed programs are started, or listed websites are visited, or files with listed names are opened. You can select a video fragment containing employee violation on the histogram of employee desktop activity monitoring, and then view this video in the History section.

Automatic notifications of the committed violations, whether it's idle time, visiting an undesirable website or being absent from work, will notify both the employee and their supervisor about the violation. New functionality of Autokick employee monitor software makes it possible for the employees to see automatic notifications on the committed violations and for the managers to receive such notifications on their emails.

Our exclusive offer: Violation trigger is integrated with Quadrator interface in order to detect and view employee violations in real time.

  • Employee violations histogram
  • Employee violations video playback
  • Data leak prevention monitoring and insider threat monitoring

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User activity monitoring

Kickidler is an employee monitoring software that enables you to monitor user activity. This user activity monitoring software provides you with comprehensive overview of all employees’ activity over any period of time. It also allows you to detect and check any suspicious activities.

Kickidler’s analytical reports show supervisors exactly what their employees are doing during the whole working day. Such features as violation control, screen video recording, keylogger and automatic notifications help you not only to track anomalies in employee behavior, but also to view every suspicious activity of an employee at their PC in detail. These features make it pretty much impossible to cheat Kickidler employee monitoring software, for example by using an automatic clicker.

Complete overview of user activity will help executives or department heads to make the most informed decisions regarding their employees. It will also help security specialists to promptly identify possible threats.

Only we provide:

  • 9 types of analytical reports
  • Detailed video recording of employee activity at their PCs
  • Software that is virtually impossible to cheat

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Employee productivity metrics

Monitoring of employee productivity fluctuations

Employee activity tracking gives a full view of employee productivity at their desktops. You will obtain employee behavior analytics and their certain behavior patterns so as to optimize your business process in accordance with it. You may get employee productivity analysis in dependence to different hours of the day, different weekdays and different seasons, and therefore you can spot rises and falls of employee engagement.

Our exclusive offer: Employee monitoring software shows the dynamics of employee activity by comparing how many productive, unproductive and neutral actions were performed within one hour. Such functionality doesn’t have any equivalents among programs that offer software to monitor employees

  • Monitoring changes in employee productivity
  • Department performance management
  • Employee performance quality control

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Remote PC access

Remote PC administration

Kickidler remote desktop control software allows remote administration of employee computers with any operating system installed, whether it be MS Windows, Linux or Mac OS. With remote PC control software, you can remotely configure programs or computer operating system, restore data, browse local files and logs.

Our exclusive offer: Full control over remote employees, there is a hidden access function (employees won't even know that their computer is being monitored at the moment). This monitoring software for employees has functions that provide hidden employee control as well as remote access to employees’ computers.

This feature can be turned off if necessary.

  • One-click connection
  • Files transfer
  • Remote keyboard, mouse and clipboard control

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Keystroke tracker

Keystroke logging software records all the keys pressed on the keyboard. Kickidler keystroke recorder is synchronized with online employee monitoring tool, so you can see what keys the employee is pressing at this moment; while synchronization with employee desktop activity recording allows to view keystroke capture logs together with user activity tracking video files.

Our exclusive offer: keylogger is synchronized with video recording of activity at the computer. When monitoring computers, you can get some context regarding the situation when a certain phrase has been typed.

There’s an option to turn off this functionality.

  • Online keystroke monitoring
  • Keystroke logging
  • Search by certain keywords in keystroke tracking logs

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Remote employee monitoring

Outsourced personnel work time recording software

Kickidler time clock software is a great tool for remote worker monitoring. Our well-designed timekeeping software records how many hours a freelancer spends on assigned tasks, which is vital for making correct payments for their services. Online remote employee monitoring software and employee productivity analysis will give you a full insight of how efficiently your outsourced employees performed their work duties during assigned working hours. KIckidler remote access software allows to handle remote employee computer administration.

Our exclusive offer: Kickidler 2020 update introduced the option for employees to enable and disable the agent program by themselves. This allows supervisor to use the software to monitor employees on their home computers without worrying about jeopardizing their privacy. Autokick work from home tracking software possesses a set of tools that allow an employee to view their own statistics on productivity, their productivity rating within the company as well as to receive automatic notifications on violations.

  • Time tracker
  • Employee productivity analysis
  • Remote PC administration

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Classroom computer monitoring

School computer monitoring software

Kickidler computer time-tracking program is a perfect choice for classroom computer monitoring. Online computer monitoring provides for real-time viewing of what the students are doing on the computers. Online PC monitoring in tandem with violation filter will detect asap whether students are busy with online games instead of working on their assignments.

  • Online monitoring of unlimited number of PC
  • Visited websites analysis
  • Quick detection of negligence and violations

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Violation Detecting

Employee Violation Detecting feature captures employee activity at their work computer that is either unrelated to their direct work activities or a clear violation of their work schedule. Examples include browsing a prohibited website, running a video game, visiting a particular web page or accessing a specific file. All these activities get displayed on a custom violation histogram, which is synced with the video recording of employee activity and the keylogger feature. In addition to displaying violations in the visual form of a histogram, it’s also possible to send automatic notifications directly to an employee once they occur. Violation detecting feature helps make employee monitoring easy, effortless, and efficient.

Our exclusive features:

  • Violation histogram.
  • Synchronization with video recording of employee activity.
  • Automatic notifications.

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Automatic notifications

Automatically notifying employees about violations

Kickidler employee monitoring software features automatic notifications on violations in the workplace. Whether an employee is late, does nothing, runs apps or visits banned Internet sites, a pop-up alert will immediately remind them that they aren’t doing what they should be doing. Has an employee been working too long without taking a break? The notification will also tell them that it’s time for a break. Flexible program settings allow supervisors to set up notifications individually for each employee or department. The program also provides the possibility to send copies of alerts on violations to the supervisor’s mail. Automatic notifications are an effective tool for improving employee self-discipline at the computer, which is perfect for both employees who work in the office and remote workers.

Our exclusive offer: Kickidler gives employees alerts on violations. It's a much gentle and more democratic way of establishing control compared to penalties or other disciplinary measures.

  • Sending notifications in automatic mode
  • Flexible tool settings
  • Sending copies of alerts to the supervisor’s mail

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Self-monitoring interface

Personal productivity infographics

Self-monitoring interface allows an employee to see their personal productivity statistics during the workday. An employee can view their own productivity analytics at any time by clicking on an icon in the system tray of their computer. The data are implemented in the form of intuitive infographics, which include total working time, periods of productive, non-productive activities and idle time. It’s one of the ways to ensure employee self-monitoring as well as one of the factors that distinguish Kickidler from other employee monitoring software. Self-monitoring interface is an effective tool for increasing the level of self-organization of personnel, in particular, the employees who work remotely.

Our exclusive offer: Employees can view their own productivity statistics at any time.

  • Ability to see their own productivity statistics
  • Displaying all basic criteria of personal productivity
  • Flexible tool settings

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Unlimited technical support

Our exclusive offer!

We do not neglect our clients after they purchased our software. On the contrary, we provide the widest range of customer support in installation, setting and follow-up technical maintenance of our software products. This is totally free for the whole period of our software effective life.

Our exclusive offer: On request, our specialists can provide assistance with installation and configuration of the software as well as help with on-cloud installation of the server part of the program and selection of a suitable cloud service.

  • Installation support
  • Setting support
  • Free technical support for unlimited period

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