Efficiency categories

The “Efficiency” section is intended to manage efficiency ratings for programs and websites that the employees of the company use. The “Efficiency” section contains the “Efficiency categories” subsection.

Types of Efficiency
The program provides for three possible performance evaluations:

  • productive,
  • neutral,
  • unproductive,

and “uncategorized” – this value is set by default for all the employees of the programs and sites used.

Efficiency categories come in two types:

  • efficiency categories for a department,
  • efficiency categories for an employee.

Efficiency rating for a department is applied to all the elements in a particular department. This setting allows estimating efficiency of applications for groups of the employees who are engaged in the same kind of activity.

Efficiency rating for an employee allows setting personal ratings for applications, taking into account specific nature of the chosen employee's work.

Efficiency ratings are based on the principle of inheritance:

Efficiency ratings that have been received by the department or the employee from an element that stands higher in the organizational structure are displayed in the “Inherited from …” list of ratings.

Efficiency ratings that have been set for the employee or the department directly through addition of ratings are displayed in the “Personal efficiency categories” list of ratings.

Managing the Efficiency categories

You can perform the following operations with Efficiency categories

  • add a new efficiency category,
  • change an existing category,
  • remove a category.

To add new rating for the department or the employee, choose the department or the employee in the organizational structure, press the “Add efficiency category” button , choose the type of the application that you want to add rating to, enter parameters of this application (for the web page - address, for the program - title), 
choose the rating and press the “Ok” button.

After you complete these steps, the application with the appropriate rating will appear in the list of the rated applications for the department or the employee.

To change the existing efficiency categories, choose the department or the employee in the organizational structure, find the application the category of which you want to change and change the type of category of this application.

To delete the already existing categories, press the “Remove efficiency category” button  opposite the existing rating.

Attention! You can delete only personal ratings.


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