What is time tracking?

Time tracking is a mean of monitoring the actions of subordinates to control the working process and maintain a work discipline in the company.

The importance of time tracking is undeniable. Employees need constant monitoring in order not to abuse the trust, to fulfill their duties and be disciplined.

How does time tracking work?

  • The system collects information about the employees’ active work time with certain programs or sites
  • Programs and sites are divided into productive and non-productive ones
  • Each employee or group (marketers, developers, etc.) has its set of productive and non-productive programs and sites
  • An interactive time tracking table is created

Why do you need time tracking?

  • To identify employees who are engaged in personal affairs during working hours
  • To detect employees who are late, wag, leave early from work, go for constant smoking breaks or take shopping trips
  • To optimize the workflow, i.e., seek the overloaded employees and transfer some part of the work to the underloaded

How does time tracking help the manager?

  • Analyze the summarized record of working time
  • Pay only for the time the employee spent on the work
  • Consider how many employees actually spend time doing their tasks
  • Effectively monitor remote employees and offices, as well as employees with flexible work schedule
  • Check the adequacy and accuracy of the established KPI (for example, sales plans)

Why Kickidler?

  • Kickidler is one of the few time tracking systems, which cannot be cheated
  • Kickidler captures a video of employees’ desktops, which allows you to determine whether the person actually works or simulates activity
  • Kickidler collects information on violations committed by employees and on the keystrokes entered
  • All the collected information is displayed on a single timeline
  • Kickidler allows you to monitor employee productivity in real-time

Find out now how to actually work your employees!


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