Getting Started

After installation, Viewer runs in basic version. Basic version is intended for employees monitoring and studying basic program features. This version is not able to customize Viewer settings. You will be able to create your own custom violations to monitor events of interest only after switch to extended version.

Tab creation and user addition occurs automatically in basic version in contrast to extended version. Extended version has interface for work with organization structure, ability to rename employees, create new departments and custom employees distribution. Also you will have access to “Remote control” section. Using extended version you will have an opportunity to create roles for efficiency valuation.

In Quadrator you will have ability to customize interface:

  • tab creation,
  • changing the number of monitored employees in tab,
  • editing the list of monitored violations.

To switch to extended version, select entry “Extended version” in the main menu.


Employees are not added to Viewer in extended version automatically. At first you need to add new employees to organization structure. You can add them in the section «Employees» of main menu. After that you can add employees to cells of Quadrator in the section «Tracker» for using employee monitoring in real time.

Start to work with program with “Tracker” section. In this section you can monitor employees’ activity on their computers in the online mode. During first start (in basic version) program will create tabs with employees automatically. Number of tabs depends on number of employees of your organization in online, or, if the employee has an Active Directory — on department structure in it. Program has features to detect most common violations. For example, “Car Enthusiasts”, “News”, “Online Video” and so on. When employee violation is detected, violation marker will light in cell with employee activity.

For detailed information regarding employee work click on the employee cell. After that you will go to interface of monitoring for specific employee where ability to view online streaming of employee computer activity, ability to view the list of running programs (click the “Program” button), real time analysis of existed violations (click the “Violations” button) and summary of key presses of employee for the current day (click the “Keylogger” button) are realized.

You can analyze activities and work efficiency using histograms of the same name in violations section. If there are violations made by the employee, program will highlight them with color on histograms. In order to know specific activity of the employee while the violation occurs, select area with violation with cursor and browse to “History” section to view the video recording for the particular time period

After minimal data retrieval (at least half of a day) browse to “Reports” section. Here you can find following reports of organization work: employees’ programs and web pages usage time report, efficiency of programs and web pages usage report, employees’ dynamic performance report. For the time reports the ability to mark efficiency grade for every application is realized. To grade the application, point the mouse cursor on its name, click the “Add efficiency category for the application” icon and select relevant grade in the box. When all grades will be added, generate efficiency report to know how much time employees worked efficiently. For the analyzing of employees’ work activity use the dynamic report.

Install Kickidler in your company
  • Fill the form and get Invite by e-mail
  • Install product during 7 days
  • Use full functional of Kickidler for one week
  • After you can make online monitoring for 6 employees
Run the demo version of Kickidler
  • The demo version of Kickidler has full functionality but allows you to monitor only computers in the office of Kickidler
  • With the demo version you can not watch your employees. To do this install trial version of Kickidler. It allows you to monitor your own office within 14 days, and then watch for free for 6 employees with no time limits

To start using the demo version: